Client stories

Here’s what clients say

Photo of Shirley Shi

“Lin’s professionalism, integrity, abundant knowledge as a success coach, and most importantly, her passion towards her beloved work is contagious. It's been like a spark of light and hope for me. Working with her has helped to rebuild my mindset that I will benefit from my entire life.”

– Shirley Shi, Banking Advisor

Photo of Karie Cassell

“An incredible teacher, trainer, and coach. Lin makes you feel welcomed and creates an atmosphere that allows you to become real with yourself so you can truly connect with your inner power and create amazing results. Lin’s gentle but strategic guidance will help you unlock your hidden potential and live a life you absolutely love!”

– Karie Cassell, Registered Dietitian, Transformational Coach, #1 Bestselling Author

Photo of Tomomi Ito

“Lin is a very intuitive, powerful life coach! Her ability to navigate you to discover your burning desire is amazing! She helps you to dream even bigger and create massive results! Working with Lin helped me to create a 6-figure business in 6 months!”

– Tomomi Ito, Transformational Leader and Coach, Business Owner

Photo of Julia Hou

“Before I met Lin, I procrastinated, had a hard time being decisive, and I ran from the truth. I learned that the root cause of my struggles was due to my limiting paradigms. In the work we did together, I was able to increase my revenue by 400%, improve my overall health (lost 30 lbs and developed healthy habits), and find more time and money freedom (no longer feeling strapped to the business). Most importantly, I am now in a positive mindset where I am proud of where I am and confident in where I am going. This journey of self-discovery has been deeply rewarding.”

– Julia Hou, Business Owner

Photo of Zoe Wei

“I was looking for a mind shift because I found myself struggling with procrastination and being indecisive. Working with Lin, I learned how to make quick decisions without regret. I also learned that when I’m truly passionate about something, the universe will provide. Lin is insightful, thoughtful, and has a charisma that will impress you and arouse great enthusiasm.”

– Zoë Wei, Student in Master of Digital Management

Photo of Edward Truong

“Working with Lin, I was finally able to put the pedal to the metal, and be held accountable for my actions. Learning that “anything is possible and nothing is impossible” really hit the mark for me. I will cherish this outlook for the rest of my life. Lin is assertive, insightful, and a go-getter. I could not have found a better coach. Thank you, Lin!”

– Edward Truong, Entrepreneur